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BizLink is Mecklenburg County's web portal for filing business personal property extension requests and listings. Online listing forms make the listing process easy and allow for multiple revisions or reviews prior to submission. Files can be readily attached to listing forms or as supplemental documentation. Data validation means fewer errors which expedites our review and acceptance. BizLink provides real time status, includes a dedicated message system and maintains a full history of your filing. TaxScribe supports all modern browsers.

The 2022 listing period has ended. However, for your convenience, the online listing portal will continue to accept listings through June 30th 2022.


BizLink means less time spent on property taxes and more time focused on your business.

  • Taxscribe Quill Online listing forms
  • Taxscribe Quill Data validation, reduced errors
  • Taxscribe Quill Electronic filing
  • Taxscribe Quill Print and mail
  • Taxscribe Quill Request an extension
  • Taxscribe Quill Direct messaging
  • Taxscribe Quill Real time status
  • Taxscribe Quill Retained data for future filings
  • Taxscribe Quill Attach supporting files